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Mandi, Someone came to my place of business selling your tarts and candles. This upset my boss. He says he is in business for himself and not you. Could you stop this practice?
NO ONE is authorized to sell my products but myself. I NEVER solicit sales in offices unless someone in the office asks me to. Even then I make them get approval from their supervisor/owner etc. If anyone has come into your place of business soliciting my products, please get as much information as possible and contact me. My legal team will take it from there.
Thanks for the heads up, Bev.
How much extra do you charge if I want a special scent that is not on your list? I do not charge anything extra. In fact I love requests for scents. Chances are if you want the scent someone else will also. Please email me your special requests. If I can make it, I might just name it after you. Check out the Our Scents link for a full description of scents that we now carry. Don't be afraid to email them to me, I give free samples to those that suggest a scent and it turns out wonderful! My email address is mandi@catladycandles.com or you can IM at AIM/AOL screen name CatLady25612.

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