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Our Scents

Amaretto Sunset
This is a sweet almond cherry smell. Kind of like the popular libation.

Amazing Gracie Alice
I renamed this one for my little girl Gracie Alice.

Soft floral blossoms with a back note of the softest musk. Similar to the Philosophy (type) favorite.

Amy’s Scrumptious Surprise
This one is for my helper, Amy! Think fruity frozen concoction. Coconuts and Ripe Cherries. Yummy!

Apple & Cinnamon
This is plain and simple. Red apples and cinnamon.

Apple Butter
Slow cooked apples and spices!

April Fresh Laundry
This smells like my favorite fabric softener.

April`s Luscious and Juicy Lemons
This is a very true sweet lemon. It will make your mouth water.

Autumn Pear
Fresh pear notes are dipped in nuances of caramel and sprinkled with warm spices of nutmeg and cinnamon on a soft, creamy vanilla base.

Baby Powder
This makes me want to nibble on baby toes. Smells just like baby powder.

Be Delicious (type)
Similar to the DKNY favorite! This is the longest lasting scent I have ever made. On a recent test burn I kept a tart going for 4 days solid in an electric burner. We got tired of it and changed it.

Blackberry Cobbler
Sweet blackberries baked into a cobbler.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla
Mouth watering goodness inspired by black currant, grapefruit and mandarin in the top note. Blackberry and apple touched by jasmine and violet warm the bloom, supported by naturally creamy sweet orange blossom.

Blueberry Cobbler
Juicy little blueberries. Baked up with sugar-sweetness with a cobbler top.

Bob’s Apple Pie
This one is for Grandpa Bob. Supreme ruler of Mathew Christmas Tree Ranch. His favorite dessert is a nice hot slice of homemade apple pie. You will smell ripe apples, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and pie crust. I like to burn this one with a Very Vanilla tart in my other burner, instant pie and ice cream.

Brandy’s Homemade Cranberry Sauce
Plump little cranberries cooked to popping perfection. Middle notes of orange and lemon zest. Bottom notes of cloves and allspice.
This one is for Brandy. She is a wonderful wife and mother of two beautiful children, Emily and Luke.

Brett`s Banana Cream Pie
This one is named for my son’s best friend. He asked for Banana Cream Pie and this smells just like it!

Brian’s Colorado Mountain Air
Fresh cut lawns, blooming jasmine and fresh clean air. Formerly Bedford Falls.

Butt Naked
Smooth blend of Peach, Melon, Coconut, Strawberry & Vanilla

Candied Yams
A wonderful holiday fragrance with top notes of Brazilian orange, bergamot, and bread with cinnamon, nutmeg, and lily of the valley on a base of vanilla and raspberry.

Carmel Apple
Green apples dipped in gooey caramel.

Carmel Apple Spice
This is like a wonderful warm mug of apple cider with a stick of cinnamon.

Carrot Cake
Sweet Carrot Cake. Warm with spices and rich icing.

Chai Tea
Spicy cinnamon and nutmeg in green tea.

Cherry Clove Chutney
Sweet cherries, toasty cloves wrapped in a sweet slowed cooked chutney.

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar
Toasted chestnuts with a heavy brown sugar finish.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Just like the real thing! Creamy butter, sweet vanilla, brown sugar and chocolate chips.

Chocolate Kisses
Sweet and creamy, milk chocolate.

Christmas Cookies
Spritz Cookies extra almond extract.

This smells just like cinnamon sticks. Hot and spicy. Sure to make your home smell like HOME!

Cinnamon Orange
Bright orange peel with cinnamon sticks.

Claire’s Cloves
Cloves. Simple and sexy just like Claire.

Clear Your Head
If you are having cold, flu or allergy symptoms this might just be the thing for you. It smells just like that ointment that we have all rubbed on our chest to open things up. If you are not sick this scent is said to bring mental clarity. Very, Very menthol!

Coconut Cream Pie
Fragrant coconut, sweet whipped cream in crust.

Coconut Lime Verbena
Tangy lime, sweet coconut and soft floral background

Coffee Caramel Cream
Fresh, strong coffee with a shot of caramel and cream.

Cozy Home
This is a cinnamon spicy scent that has baked cookie undertones.

Cranberry Peach Cider
Cranberries, peaches and apple cider.

Crazy Lil` Jen`s Cupcake
This is a baked cake scent with fruity undertones. It’s kinda crazy and nice like my friend Jennie! Just a little plug for Jennie here she owns the world famous web site www.avasbowtique.com.

Creamy Vanilla
Sweet & Creamy

Cucumber Melon
Light, fresh and cool. Top notes of honeydew and cantaloupe with undertones of cucumber.

Fantasy (type)
Similar to the BS favorite.

Fresh and light floral scent.

Fresh Strawberries
Smells just like fresh strawberries. You can catch the bright sunshine and tangy sweetness in every whiff.

Grandma Barbara’s Gardenias
Oh this smells just like a bush of gardenias in full bloom. Fresh and very floral.

Grandma’s Fluffy Pillows
This is like sheets dried on the clothesline in the summer time. Smells just like the bedding at my Grandma Alice’s house.

Green Apple
Fresh slices of Granny Smith apples. Crisp and juicy. This is the one smell that really helped me not to feel so nauseous when I was pregnant with my son.

Green Tea
Slightly grassy in scent with a tea top note.

Heavenly (type)
Similar to the VS favorite.

Holidazzle *Limited Edition*
This is perfect ALL of the winter holidays. Fresh snow, evergreens and just a hint of sugared fruits.

Homemade Sangria
This is a very fruity scent. It is heavy on the grape and very sweet smelling.

Homesick Hula Girl
A tropical outdoor blend with fruit notes of orange, pineapple, peach and strawberry combined with light floral nuances of jasmine and lavender.

Honey Lemon
This is just like the name a little honey and a little lemon. Very nice and mellow.

Sweet and floral.

Hot Chocolate with a Candy Cane
When I was a kid we had a really sweet neighbor. Her name was Janet. She once gave me a big mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane in it. Oh Heaven!!! The smell of this brings me right back to that moment.

Icing on the Cake
What more can I say about this one? It is sweet like the icing on my last birthday cake. Buttery with vanilla flavors.

Jessica’s Special Valentine
This one is just for my good pal Jessica. It smells fruity just like her (just kidding). We all think it smells like a cherry gelatin dessert. Some would describe it as pomegranate.

Juicy Sweet Cherry
Ripe, juicy cherries.

Julie’s Pink Sugar
Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Licorice, Strawberry, Red Fruit, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Wood, Powder.
Very much like the Aqualina scent.

Kevin’s Raspberry Lemonade
This is a tribute to my son Kevin. He will be 11 years old this month. This smell like crushed raspberries and lemonade mixed together. Sweet and tart all together.

Kristina’s Lavender Sunshine
This one is for Kristina. This is lavender with lemon. It is fresh and floral with a hint of spring sunshine.

Krystie Kreme Donuts
Hey this smells just like HOT FRESH DONUTS! Hopefully this will make your house and Krystie`s smell just like there is a neon HOT FRESH DONUTS sign sitting in your front yard.

Laundry Day
Smells just like laundry detergent. Fresh and clean.

Tangy with grass and lemon. Slightly sweet.

Sweet & Floral

Lily of the Valley
Fresh & Floral

Love Spell (type)
Similar to the VS favorite

Mary’s Mango Mambo
Inspired by my VERY BEST FRIEND on the face of the earth, Mary Z. Kindergarten Teacher of Super Heroes in San Bernardino, CA. This has top notes of Mango and undertones of Star fruit.

Juicy, tart berries and sweet, sun ripe melons.

Mommy’s Warm Embrace
Tea rose and sandalwood. This is for Stacey at www.babymineslings.com.

Moonlight Path (type)
Similar to the B&BW favorite.

Mulled Cider
Fresh warm apple cider simmered slowly with mulling spices.

Nana Berry
Banana and Strawberry

Natural Eucalyptus
Fresh Eucalyptus. Very mild and clean.

Night Blooming Jasmine
Sweet, brisk floral.

Nighty, Night Baby
This is a soothing lavender scent. Very clean and very relaxing. Perfect gift for a new mom. This is a must have or anyone that feels stressed or restless.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Light and soft. Almost like baby powder. Sweet undertones.

Ocean Mist
Remember that last time you strolled around a beach town? This smells just like the salty air mixed with the beautiful gardens.

Olivia’s Angel Face
Very similar to the popular women’s fragrance, Angel. This is for Kara in Southern California, and her little angel, Olivia.

Orange Pomander
Oranges poked with cloves.

Oregon Pine Needle
Smells like a fresh pine tree in the woods.

Fresh white peaches. Very ripe and very juicy.

Pears & Petals
Smells of a wonderful ripe pear with soft floral undertones. Very clean scent.

This one smells just like a fresh, ripe pineapple.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake
This is really wonderful stuff! Yellow cake, Pineapple Rings and the little red cherries with a layer of brown sugar. Nothing is missing. Don’t burn this one if you are hungry!

Sweet floral with fruity undertones.

Pound Cake
Smells just like you have been slaving away making pound cakes for hours.

Pumpkin Pie
Yummy any time of year. Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and pie crust.

Pure Seduction (Type)
Similar to the VS favorite.

Raenella’s Island Memories
Stargazer lily and gardenia. This is for Raenella transplanted to Irving, Tx from Hawaii.

Ripe Raspberry
Sweet, juicy and ripe raspberries.

Romantic Nights
Floral notes mixed soft fruits with a vanilla finish. If Valentine`s Day had a smell this would be it!

Sage & Citrus
Pungent desert sage, softened by lemon, orange and lime.

Sans Panties
Similar to Britany Spears Curious (type)

Santa’s Secret
Peppermint laced with vanilla. Frosty and creamy sweetness.

Smoke Eliminator
Citrus notes of lemon and orange blended with strong green cut grass notes that mask bad odors.

Hot toasted marshmallows sandwiched in graham crackers and chocolate.

Sophie’s Pleasure
Similar to the EL scent Pleasures.

This is named for Grandma Marty`s granddaughter Sophie.

Space Juice
This smells just like the powdered orange drink we all guzzled as kids. Remember, because the astronauts did.

Spring Rain
Fresh rain with floral notes.

Stargazer Lily
Fresh and slightly sweet, just like the flower. This is one of my favorite flower and this is an exact duplicate.

Strawberries & Champagne (type)
Juicy berries and sparkling wine with a perfumy back note. Very similar to the VS favorite!

Sugar Cookie
Warm sugar cookies, fresh from the oven. Sugar, butter and vanilla.

Sun & Sea
A light floral blend of roses and violets with a touch of light green notes, with some fruity notes of peach, citrus, and strawberry.

Sweet Almond
Pure sweet almonds just out of the shell. Nutty, soft and sweet. Undertones of vanilla.

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper
This smells just like a can of orange soda pop. Fresh and citrus with lots of sparkle.

Sweet Potato Pie
A blend of sweet potato, pie crust, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.

Tea Rose
Just like rose petals plucked from the bud. Very light and sweet.

Toasted Hazelnut
Toasty hazelnut with a soft finish.

Tropic Wind
Rich and fruity! Oranges, Melons, Peaches, Coconut, Apples and a splash of Pineapple.

Vanilla & Lavender (Downy Type)
Clean lavender encircled with vanilla bean. Nice clean finish of orange zest and patchouli.

Very Vanilla
Well this one is easy to describe. It`s vanilla, just like the ice cream.

Villa May & Shay’s Cinnamon Buns
Tons of aromatic cinnamon mixed with butter and sugar, spread all over rolls of bread dough. Baked to perfection!

Smells like watermelon candy. Sweet with a tangy twist.

White Chocolate Mocha
Rich coffee with sweet, creamy white chocolate syrup. Yes, it is that good! This is one of Mandi`s favorites.

White Nectarine & Pink Coral
The luscious fruitiness of sweet peach, pineapple chunks and orange slices blended with enchanting floral notes of honeysuckle, rose and jasmine and a drydown of soft, soothing musk.

White Tea & Ginger (type)
Similar to the B&BW favorite

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